Is Competition at Odds with the Soft Life?

Is Competition at Odds with the Soft Life?

It seems to be a prevalent perception that competition and the "soft life" are in conflict. But is that really the case? Living a soft life has many different definitions and interpretations, and can certainly be molded into whatever "softness" looks like to you.

It's safe to say that virtually every interpretation implies that, at its core, the soft life means taking moments to slow down and enjoy life. This is often manifested as living each day with great intention, a spirit of patience and positive emotion, and intentional personalization that speaks to the way YOU enjoy doing things. It is rooted in the concept that every minute is a gift, and we will never get those moments back. Thus, every cup of tea we brew, every first sip of our morning coffee, every time we spritz on our favorite perfume, or enjoy the flickering flame of a warm, scented candle, is a chance to soak in the present moment and allow its magic to wash over us.

One important thing to note about this lifestyle, however, is that it is not rooted in any preconditions for what one should or should not do in the day-to-day. I think this is where the true beauty of the soft life lies; it doesn't matter if you want to be a corporate lawyer with a calendar full of meetings, a stay-at-home mom with an ever-growing list of things to tend to, or a solo artist who wants to spend her full day slowly allowing the creative process to unfurl. Every person's life, both in their current and desired future state, can be full of softness.

Regardless of how many commitments you have or how lofty your goals are, living softly has much more to do with how present you choose to be in the moment, how you customize and romanticize your experience, and how intentionally you feel every second. This is also why, just as setting goals and working toward what you want to accomplish is important in feeling accomplished and proud, adding softness to your life is a way to savor the moment and truly FEEL your life as you're living it. I firmly believe that every single lifestyle, regardless of how relaxed or fast-paced, would greatly benefit from embracing soft life practices.

If this doesn't match the image of the "soft life" you've seen from social media, it's okay to be surprised, even skeptical, that it could really be so accessible and versatile. But let me just share some potential improvements you might see from welcoming a touch of softness into your daily routine.

  1. Greater Presence and Mindfulness
  • You'll be more attuned to the small, sensory details that bring you joy in the moment.
  • Activities that used to feel like chores can become mini moments of calm and relaxation.
  • You'll experience heightened appreciation for the beauty in your everyday experiences.
  1. Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Slowing down and savoring your routines can lower feelings of overwhelm.
  • Incorporating more self-care rituals can provide a healthy outlet for managing stress.
  • The emphasis on intention and patience can help rewire anxious thought patterns.
  1. Increased Creativity and Inspiration
  • Making space for unstructured time can spark new ideas and creative breakthroughs.
  • Bringing more beauty, texture, and sensory elements into your days can stimulate the senses.
  • The freedom from rigid schedules allows your mind to wander and make unexpected connections.
  1. Deeper Relationships and Connections
  • Being fully present with loved ones cultivates more meaningful interactions.
  • Sharing soft life experiences, like a tea ceremony or candlelit dinner, can bring you closer.
  • The emphasis on gratitude and savoring can enhance your appreciation for the people in your life.
  1. Greater Fulfillment and Life Satisfaction
  • Tuning into what truly nourishes your soul, rather than rushing through obligations.
  • Feeling a greater sense of control over how you spend your time and energy.
  • An overall elevated mood and sense of contentment in your daily existence.

No matter your lifestyle or goals, embracing softness and intention can enhance every aspect of your life. It's about finding the right balance of drive and dedication with mindfulness and self-care. Start by incorporating just one or two small "soft life" rituals, and notice how the ripple effects of that subtle shift begin to transform your experience. After all, the sweetest moments in life are often the simplest ones.

For inspiration on soft life habits and actions you could implement, consider drawing inspiration from my list of tried-and-true ✨soft life ✨ enhancements:
  1. Start your day with a mindful morning routine
  • Light a scented candle while sipping your coffee or tea (I'm partial to these ones, of course)
  • Journal about your intentions and gratitudes for the day
  • Spend 5-10 minutes in gentle stretching or meditation
  1. Weave sensory delights throughout your day
  • Spritz on a signature fragrance that uplifts your mood
  • Play soothing background music while working or doing chores
  • Designate tech-free "unplugged" hours to fully recharge
  1. Slow down and savor your meals
  • Set the table with fresh flowers, cloth napkins, and candlelight
  • Take your time to mindfully taste each bite, rather than rushing
  • Enjoy a nourishing, multi-course meal prepared with care
  1. Create cozy, personalized living spaces
  • Rearrange furniture to promote comfort and relaxation
  • Display meaningful artwork, photos, and treasured keepsakes
  • Incorporate soft, natural textures like wool, linen, and bamboo
  1. Schedule regular self-care rituals
  • Book a massage, facial, or other pampering treatment
  • Soak in a warm, aromatherapy-infused bath
  • Spend an afternoon reading your favorite book
  1. Embrace slow, intentional movement
  • Go for a leisurely nature walk or hike
  • Practice gentle yoga, stretching, or other mindful exercises
  • Dance freely to uplifting music in your living room
  1. Connect with loved ones in meaningful ways
  • Plan a potluck dinner party with close friends
  • Write handwritten letters to family members
  • Schedule regular "date nights" with your partner

The key is to experiment and find the soft life practices that resonate most with you and your lifestyle. Start small, be patient with yourself, and allow the magic of slowing down to unfold. See how your life reacts--perhaps by molding around you, rather than forcing you to always mold around it.

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